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The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio is open on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and by appointment. Please call 713-861-6726 or text 281-224-0968 to set an appointment if you would like to meet with Houston’s Artist John Ross Palmer.

Throughout the span of John Ross Palmer’s more than decade-long professional career as an artist, he has worked successfully with designers and decorators to place high-end original art in both corporate and residential settings. Whether the designer’s client is a Fortune 400 company or a family having purchased a new home, John Palmer is the ideal artist to work with. John Palmer is established, flexible, timely and has a team of employees to insure that the original art is installed to the client’s complete satisfaction. Although based in Houston, Texas, Palmer is able to place art successfully across the United States and around the globe. If you are a designer or decorator interested in placing John Palmer’s original art, please contact Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or Ryan@JohnPalmerArt.com to receive a designer information packet and learn about working with artist John Ross Palmer.


John Ross Palmer’s Escapism Art

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