Artist John Ross Palmer’s 2013 Commission Art Project

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In January of 2013, the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio of Houston, Texas solicited Name Suggestions for Artist John Ross Palmer”s 2013 Commission Art Project from its cherished Art Collector Database via Private, Written Ballots.  In a colorful package designed by Palmer himself, the art collectors received this Short Premise for the Project:

“Through 2013, collectors commission John Ross Palmer for a painting in the size and style of their choosing.  Palmer creates a painting and also gives the art and life enthusiast(s) a set of wine or champagne of complementary style to the original masterpiece.  If the commission experience is connected to an event (wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday or milestone…), Palmer will appear personally to make the historic unveiling and toast the occasion.  The painting, booze, laughs and experience will be documented in Palmer”s next commission book, to be released in 2014*.

*God Willing”

Scores of ballots piled into the Historic Houston Heights Art Gallery–most of which were accompanied by a short explanation of why this name was the absolute BEST.  After days of pouring over the nominations, Gallery Management** selected the Five Finalists: Milestones, Moments, Priceless, Terroir and V.I.Palmer.  During the week of Februay 4th to February 8th, the Finalists appeared in a Photo Album on the John Ross Palmer Artist Page on Facebook entitled “Help Me Name My 2013 Commission Art Project!”  With a bit of off-the-radar coaching from Art Gallery Co-Owner Ryan Lindsay, the persons submitting the Name Finalists actively promoted and rooted for their Name Idea.  Why?  Well, not only would the individual or couple submitting the winning name have the history-making honor of naming a massive art project and book–they would also win a treasured John Palmer original painting in the style of their choosing to be included in the art gallery”s next published book!  In essence, the Contest was simple.  The Image with the most Likes at 5:00 p.m. Central Time would be the Winner and the associated Name would be given to the Project and Book.

 It”s Not Just V.I.P….It”s V.I.Palmer

Although there were “moments” of Like surges from the five competitors, the name V.I.Palmer took an early lead that was never eclipsed.  At the moment of truth, V.I.Palmer won handily–the obvious favorite and best choice for this monumental art endeavor by Palmer.  V.I.Palmer was submitted by Miss Christina Gorczynski, J.D., M.B.A., of Houston, Texas. Miss Gorczynski, Founder and CEO of First Person Houston, is the former Director of the Leage of Women Voters of Houston and has worked directly with the art gallery in the past to host an extremely successful fundraising event. The Gallery Owners are thrilled with the name–and, Miss Gorczynski is equally wowed by its selection, Tweeting, “Naming a book and commissioning a piece of art were both totally on my ever-expaning bucket list.  Bring on my #VIPalmer!”

**Ryan Lindsay

The Process

After signing up for V.I.Palmer, the art collector is due for a one-of-a-kind, first-class customer-service-plus-art-extravaganza. V.I.P. is quite nice, but, V.I.Palmer is the absolute next level of personal touch, attention to detail and exclusivity.  First off, the art collector attends a personal meeting with Palmer to outline his or her desires for the piece and its style.  If the painting is intended as a gift to an extraordinary individual or to celebrate a life or career milestone, Palmer takes the time to learn all about the intricacies of the project so it”s guaranteed the piece and process will include the requisite magic.  Palmer then creates a mock-up or sketch based on the V.I.Palmer collector requests before he then moves on to creating the masterpiece. After one final review opportunity, Palmer will place the finishing touches on the painting that will remain a treasure for generations.  To top it all off (schedules permitting…), Palmer then personally appears at the event where the piece is unveiled to toast the occasion with the unique wine or champagne bottles that he has created to complement the painting in style, and, of course, magic.

The Book

After all V.I.Palmer art pieces are completed, photographed and the participants complete their V.I.Palmer Questionnaire, the series, experiences and memories will be documented in a top-notch publication, aptly named V.I.Palmer by R. Ryan Lindsay.  The immortalization through a John Ross Palmer masterpiece on canvas or wood combined with the inclusion in a book assures your painting will not only be valued by you as a collector, but, the world as a whole.

If you would like to make inquiry or sign-up for V.I.Palmer, please contact the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio at 713-861-6726 or e-mail Ryan Lindsay at Ryan@JohnPalmerArt.com!

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