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                               The Life of John Ross Palmer
                                              The Hardest Working Man in the Art Business ®
The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio is Open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and By Appointment.

John Ross Palmer was born on January 10, 1974 in Houston, Texas. He is a fifth generation Texan and a third generation Houstonian.  He has Canadian roots on his mother's side of the family that connect him to his great-great-grandfather, Philip S. Ross, an icon of the accounting industry.  From an early age John Palmer exhibited a self-taught talent for art, but unlike a great number of artists, an uncanny ability to conduct business. One of John's first businesses was selling soft drinks to his four siblings. He ran the business out of his closet and charged a quarter per drink.  John's inspiration, for both his art and his business prowess, is his mother Ada Palmer. John Palmer's mother ran a successful "yards" business, where she and her two boys mowed lawns for those in and around the Alief suburb of Houston, Texas. Her business flourished until John, age 16, went into direct competition with her. She taught him well.  In addition to his thriving landscaping business, prior to working as a full-time artist, John loved working as a bartender at the legendary J.R.'s Bar and Grill in Houston, Texas, operated a local Houston convenience store and even for a brief stint (as a young and impressionable man) sold products for the multi-level marketing company Amway.

                    John Palmer with Blu                                   John Palmer No. 52                                  John Palmer and Ryan Lindsay

In high school, John excelled at a number of activities including his high school football team, student government and scouting. John is extremely proud of earning his Eagle Scout badge by his senior year. Only an incredibly small percentage of scouts achieve the honor of Eagle Scout.  As a method of coping after the unexpected death of his father, John gathered up the money he had, went to Michael's on Weslayan to buy paints, brushes and canvases, and used these tools and strokes on the canvas to heal. Painting allowed John Palmer to release the inner grief, frustration and pain after his father's untimely death.  

                                                                             Ryan Lindsay and John Palmer

John met attorney Ryan Lindsay one evening at Meteor in Houston in 2002. They became a couple on July 31 of the following year and have been together ever since. Their commitment ceremony was on October 13, 2007 at the Lovett Inn in Houston, and they were formally married in Toronto, Canada on July 4, 2008.  John Palmer and Ryan Lindsay were married again at the White Porch Inn in Provincetown, Massachusetts on July 4, 2009.  In February of 2009, Ryan Lindsay left a successful family law litigation practice to begin working full-time for John Palmer Art.  The couple's enthusiasm for love, life and travel as well as their commitment to impeccable customer service is the lifeblood of the magical business of John Palmer Art.  For their fourth wedding ceremony, Palmer and Lindsay were legally married in Washington, DC on the sunny afternoon of October 23, 2010.  After the sixth largest state in the United States of America, New York, legalized gay marriage in mid-2011, John and Ryan rushed there to say their vows again under legal circumstances.  They were married on the afternoon of Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the historic Stonewall Inn located at 53 Christopher Street in New York City.  The Stonewall Inn and the riots there sparked the beginning of the modern-day global gay rights movement.  On Tuesday, December 4, 2012, John and Ryan were legally married in the Town Hall of Greenwich, CT by Justice of the Peace Nick Edwards.  It was a simple but incredibly sweet ceremony.  The following day, the newly-married couple hosted a lavish reception in the posh Downstairs Lounge at New York City's Elmo Restaurant.  Notable attendees included Parker King of Ralph Lauren, Johnny Cooper of the American Red Cross, Meghan Gearino with Manic Panic, Author Mark Brennan Rosenberg and legendary NYC entertainers The Chocolatina and Lavinia Drapes.  John and Ryan were hugely honored to be married again in 2013 at the glamorous Hartwell House Inn & Conference Center in Ogunquit, Maine on October 25, 2013.  The intensely private ceremony was attended by Innkeepers Charlene & Eric Taubert and presided over by Julie Draper of Portland.  After their vows, Palmer and Lindsay enjoyed a picturesque day walking along the Marginal Way, devouring a lobster roll at Perkins Cove and then singing a few tunes at the Front Porch piano bar.

                Draper Marries John Ross Palmer & Ryan Lindsay              Palmer Watches Draper Sign the Official Documents
                               in Ogunquit, ME in 2013

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