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Artist John Ross Palmer

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The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and by appointment. Please call 713-861-6726 or text 281-224-0968 to set an appointment if you would like to meet with Houston’s Artist John Ross Palmer.

During the course of Artist John Ross Palmer’s professional career in art, he has had the amazing privilege of meeting many notable individuals.  This page is dedicated to those special people who shared a quality moment with Artist John Ross Palmer


John Waters and Artist John Ross Palmer

Artist John Ross Palmer met legendary American filmmaker John Waters in July of 2009 after he and his husband Ryan Lindsay were married in Provincetown, MA.  Waters invited Palmer & Lindsay to his P-town summer home and enjoyed snapping a Polaroid picture of the pair (kissing…because they were newlyweds).  Palmer presented Waters with an original Palmer collage biography piece that Waters holds proudly in this photograph.  The pair was introduced through their wonderful mutual friend, Ms. Lynn Goode.

American Royalty

Artist John Ross Palmer with Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy is the son of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the President of Merchandise Mart Properties, the annual host of the international fair of contemporary and modern art, Art Chicago.  In 2011, Palmer will take John Palmer Fine Art to Chicago for the third consecutive year of exhibiting at this prestigious fair.  This image was taken in April of 2010 when Mr. Kennedy personally visited Palmer”s Booth.

International Politics

In June of 2011, Artist John Ross Palmer traveled to Dublin, Ireland on his annual study-abroad adventure.  The highlight of the trip was meeting with Ireland”s Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald.  The Minister was so kind, gracious and tremendously excited and honored to receive a portrait of her from Palmer.  The unique and notable portrait will be included in the the largest commission art project in the history of Palmer”s career, the 2011 Faces Portrait and Book Project.

Minister Fitzgerald with Artist John Ross Palmer


Artist John Ross Palmer with Joan Rivers and Artist Randall Jobe

Palmer met Rivers after one of her show-stopping stand-up performances at the Hobby Center in Houston, Texas during the summer of 2009.  Rivers was most gracious when she received an original Palmer & Jobe collaborative piece of art that honored the Hollywood legend.  If you would like to see a video of the presentation, please click here.

Artist John Ross Palmer with Sandra Bernhard and Artist Randall Jobe

Artists Jobe & Palmer joined Bernhard backstage after one of her no-holds-barred live performances in Houston, Texas in November of 2010.  Bernhard was most gracious when she became a collector of a Palmer & Jobe collaboration that honored the singer, author, comedian and television legend.

Texas Legends

Artist John Ross Palmer with Dr. Carolyn Farb, hc                  Palmer and Farb at White Linen Nights in the Heights, 2009

Artist John Ross Palmer first met the legendary Dr. Carolyn Farb when he honored through a piece of artwork at his Notable Houstonians series unveiling in 2005.  Since that time, the pair have formed a great bond and friendship which is driven by their mutual passion to improve the lives of others.  In addition to her portrait biogrpahy, Dr. Farb is the owner of a one-of-a-kind Palmer biography honoring her beloved son Jake as well as a Jane & Co. portrait featuring her famous dog Lucas.  The first photograph of Palmer with Farb was taken in December of 2010 at Houston”s Neiman Marcus.  The painting in the background, Sundance, was created live by Palmer in the window during the 2010 holiday season.    The second photograph shows Farb jwith Palmer at his Houston Heights Gallery & Studio for White Linen Night in the Heights 2009.

Artist John Ross Palmer with Tony Vallone

The Donna & Tony Vallone family are the most prolific collectors of John Ross Palmer original public art installations in the United States of America.  Vallone, the most famed restaurateur in Houston, Texas, first met Palmer when he was honored through a Palmer original in the 2005 Notable Houstonians art series.  Since that time, Palmer has placed artwork in all three of Vallone”s Houston dining establishments: Ciao Bello, Caffe Bello and the amazing flagship restaurant, Tony”s.  In Tony”s, you”ll find Escapism paintings in the glamorous Wine Room as well as three panels in the luxurious and private San Remo Room.  Vallone”s Palmer biography shines in the back of the restaurant for all to see and admire.  At Caffe Bello in Montrose, you”ll find six original Palmer canvases.  Each are in the Palmer Barcelona style but each with a touch of vibrant color.  Palmer”s pieces shine the most at Vallone”s Ciao Bello in Houston”s Galleria District.  Six massive, abstract masterpieces give life to the huge, main dining area.  Three Italian-inspired Palmer pieces shine above the glass-enclosed kitchen area.  In the bar section, a minimum of 25 original Palmer pieces give artistic class to the stately bar nook.  Most noteworthy is the enormous original Palmer mural in the stunning enclosed patio section of Ciao Bello.  The mural took Palmer several months to complete in the Summer of 2010.  La Piazza is an impressionistic masterpiece depicting an outdoor cafe in Italy.

Kinky Friedman with Artist John Ross Palmer 

Artist John Ross Palmer was introduced to the legendary Kinky Friedman through their mutual friend Dr. Carolyn Farb.  Palmer subsequently honored the former Texas Gubernatorial Candidate, singer and comedian with an original biography piece of art for his 2007 Notable Texans art series unvelied at Houston”s Neiman Marcus.



Artist John Ross Palmer with Agusti Puig and Ryan Lindsay

Palmer and Lindsay met famed Spanish Artist Agusti Puig at 2009”s Art Chicago.  During 2009, Gallery DeNovo of Sun Valley / Ketchum, Idaho obtained the exclusive North American rights to sell Puig pieces.  Palmer and Lindsay, mesmerized by his unspeakable talent, acquired the framed original Puig piece featured in this photograph.  Puig artwork is featured throughout the Hollywood smash movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Artist John Ross Palmer with Artist Chris Silkwood

Artist John Ross Palmer met Artist Chris Silkwood at an Historic Houston Heights art festival where they were both showing their art in tents.  The pair bonded immediately and have since formed both a powerful friendship and art alliance.  Prior to her full-time career as a working mosaic artist, Silkwood reached national acclaim in the fitness industry.  She has appeared on The Today Show and Good Morning America and proudly served on the President”s Council for Physical Fitness.  One of the greatest honors in Palmer”s life occured when Silkwood and her husband Gary selected John to be the Godfather of their beautiful and beloved son, Nick.

Artist John Ross Palmer with Artist Robert Rauschenberg

Palmer had one of his life”s most inspirational moments when he met famed American Artist Robert Rauschenberg at the Paul and Lulu Hilliard Museum in Lafayette, Louisiana following a grand opening of a large Rauschenberg exhibit unveiling.  Palmer notes Rauschenberg as one of his all-time greatest influences in the art world.  If you would like to read and understand why Rauschenberg is so meaningful to Palmer, please click here.  When Rauschenberg died in 2008, the world lost a genius.  Artist John Ross Palmer takes great comfort in the friendship he maintains with Rauschenberg”s beloved sister Janet R. Begneaud of Lafayette, Louisiana.  Begneaud was so kind to give an inscription to The Art of Meaningful Living (2009), Palmer”s collaborative book with author Christopher Brown.


Z.Z. Top”s Billy Gibbons with Artist John Ross Palmer and J.P.

Artist John Ross Palmer met music legend Billy Gibbons of Z.Z. Top fame while dining at Tony”s in February of 2011.  Gibbons and Palmer share the bond of being members of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau”s My Houston Campaign along with a small number of notable Houstonians including Beyonce Knowles, Clay Walker, Hilary Duff and George & Barbara Bush.


Ainsley Earhardt and John Ross Palmer

Artist John Ross Palmer met national Fox News Correspondent Ainsley Earhardt in New York City in November of 2011.  Ainsley was selected to select the winning essay written by his First Class Club Members to determine the type of destination he would visit for his 2012 study-abroad adventure.  Earhardt selected the essay by Dr. Susan Catlett of Houston, Texas–thereby sending him to a Place of Worship in 2012.  Ainsley appears regularly on the hugely popular Fox & Friends in addition to her reporting for FOX”s Hannity with her own segment called “Ainsley Across America.”

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