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John Ross Palmer Announces the 2013 Escapist Artists 01/28/2013

Artist John Ross Palmer proudly announces the members of the 2013 Escapist Mentorship Program:

Tina Duryea           Darien, CT
William H. Miller    Houston, TX
Lan Norwood        Houston, TX
Kelyne Reis           Houston, TX
Lee E. Wright        Houston, TX

These five dedicated artists were picked from scores of applicants from around the globe (including India, Indonesia and South Africa this year).  Applicants submit a written application with art images and essays, and then, as a Finalist, they must present themselves for an interview via Skype.  Panels for scoring are comprised of top Palmer collectors and Escapists, including: Christopher Brown (2009 Vallone Award Winner), F.C.C. Members Richard Jennings and Julio Montano, Ellen Yarrell, Katie Custer and Steven Tesney plus Escapists Edgar Medina (2010) and Sonya Cuellar (2012).  You can read all about the history, mission and goals of this empowering program as well as see first-class documentary videos by visiting

Palmer is thrilled with this year's crop of Escapists.  "They are motivated, super-talented and hungry for success.  In this landmark 5th year of the Escapist Program, I know this class is going to elevate the experience to an extraordinary level!"  2013 Escapists are already "on the go"--enthusiastically announcing their selection to this prestigious program to the world!  In the last week, William H. Miller launched an innovative art initiative to "escape" the constraints of the traditional artist role--encouraging new collectors ("Accomplices") to send him a wish in exchange for original artwork.  Miller uses a mastery of social networking skills to promote his career--as well as his selection as an Escapist Artist!

John Ross Palmer's Art Movement of  Escapism is aimed at forever destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist.  His mentorship program, founded in 2009, aims to teach artists how to sell on their own, self-promote and not to be tied to the traditional art gallery system.  Palmer does this as a means of giving back to the art world--it is entirely free.  Unlike many other artists that are concerned with the competition, John Ross Palmer sees the inherent benefit of elevating all artists to add power to the profession.

If you have any questions about Artist John Ross Palmer or his Escapist Mentorship Program (, please contact Gallery Owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or

                                    2012 Escapist Sonya Cuellar and Collectors Steven Tesney & Ellen Yarrell Interview via Skype

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