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John Ross Palmer's Art Gallery & Studio
1218 Heights Boulevard, Houston, Texas, 77008

The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio is Open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and By Appointment.

Built in the early 1930’s, this charming 1218 Heights Boulevard Houston bungalow has been restored and expanded to include Palmer’s fine art gallery, studio and his private living quarters. John purchased the home in 2006 and new construction began in early 2008. Construction by Design home builder Terri Robinson worked painstakingly on the project to insure that the historic bungalow was preserved while the chic nature of modern art would be highlighted.

Highlights of the art gallery include an over-sized bed in the front guestroom, a collaborative work created by Palmer and famed Houston designer Kelly Gale Amen , as well as the majestic mosaic tiling by Heights artist Chris Silkwood in the home’s original built-in china cabinet. A majority of the rooms in the home, including the lower level gallery, or “Great Room,” utilize clear story windows which allow both natural light and wall space for Palmer’s originals. All of the floors and ceilings in the bungalow are the originals, creating a perfect blend of new and old. The Great Room, seen in the center photograph below, showcases a custom hand-stained floor which gives a natural base to the contemporary art space.

Palmer creates in his upstairs art studio, which is linked to John Palmer and his partner Ryan Lindsay's “apartment.” Heights designer Sam Gianukos of Creole Design made sure that the living quarters were spacious and comfortable, to permit a relaxing home separate from the business of art.  The couple was most honored to have their home featured in the 2009 Houston Heights Association's Spring Home & Garden Tour.

To set up a private viewing of Palmer’s private gallery and studio, please call 713-861-6726 or e-mail Valerie Garcia at


                                                               Photo credits to Paul Ladd of Ladd Photography

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