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The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio is open on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and by appointment. Please call 713-861-6726 or text 281-224-0968 to set an appointment if you would like to meet with Houston’s Artist John Ross Palmer.

In January of 2011, Artist John Ross Palmer launched the largest commission project in his career, Faces.  After the wild success of 2010”s Pet Portrait and Book Project, Jane & Co., the Faces project will honor people”s loved ones, children, ancestors and soul mates in an amazing and unique Palmer Portrait.  Palmer, traditionally known for being an abstract painter, will add his special twist to a portrait by combining the image from a photograph with an inspired use of color and texture.  If you would like to download information related to sizing and pricing for John Ross Palmer”s Faces Portrait and Book Project, please click on the following link:


Project History

In 2010, John Ross Palmer completed his historic Jane & Co. Pet Portrait and Book Project.  While so many animal-loving art collectors made that endeavor an incredible success, others were hungry to honor not only their four-legged friends but also their human companions!  Following that sentiment, Palmer chose to expand his artistic and realistic skills by launching a project that focused on humankind rather than the animal kingdom.

In September of 2010, Artist John Ross Palmer looked to his collectors to name his upcoming 2011 commission project.  By written ballot out of a choice of five possibilities (The Countenance Project, Daniel & Friends, Faces, Immortals and The Bob Crump Project), collectors voiced their opinion for the “best and most appropriate” title for the new series.  In a landslide victory, Faces was the clear winner.

Out of all of the ballots that voted for Faces, one was randomly selected in a blindfolded drawing to kick-off the special Portrait and Book Project.  Collector Leslie Gorman”s ballot was picked–and, by winning, she was awarded a 24″ x 24″ Palmer portrait on wood.  With her portrait, Gorman selected a photograph of her beloved parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary (please see below).  The piece was unveiled to Leslie and her mother Ginny at Palmer”s Heights Gallery & Studio on November 13, 2010 to a tear-filled group of collectors, family and friends.

The Process

After signing up for Faces, the collector is due for a one-of-a-kind and first-class customer service plus art extravaganza.  First off, the collector supplies their favorite photograph of their honored individual, couple or family to the artist.  Next, Palmer creates a sketch based on the photograph.  There is a one-time review/critique of the sketch before Palmer then moves on to creating the Portrait masterpiece.  After collaborating with the collector, Palmer uses his master skills to bring the honored individual(s) to life on the panel or canvas.  After one final review opportunity, Palmer will place the finishing touches on the painting that will remain a family treasure for generations.

Bob Crump Photograph                                 Original Palmer Sketch of Bob Crump


Mr. Robert L. Crump, Sr.                                                          Ginny & Bill Gorman

Dr. James B. Robinett, Jr.                                                              Todd and Tristen

Daniel Helena

The Book

After all Faces pieces are completed and the participants complete their Faces Questionnaire, the series shall be documented in a top-notch publication, aptly named Faces by John Ross Palmer.  The immortalization through a John Ross Palmer masterpiece on canvas or wood combined with the inclusion in a book assures your painting will not only be valued by you as a collector, but,  the world as a whole.

If you would like to make inquiry or sign-up for the John Ross Palmer Faces Portrait and Book Project, please contact the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio at 713-861-6726!

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