John Ross Palmer Announces 2016 Escapist Artists

Palmer proudly announces the members of the 2016 Escapist Mentorship Program:

Tatiana Escallon                         Houston, TX
Alonzo Karahamuheto                      Houston, TX
Hugo Perez                                            Houston, TX

Alonzo Karahamuheto, Hugo Perez, Tatiana Escallon and John Ross Palmer

Alonzo Karahamuheto, Hugo Perez, Tatiana Escallon and John Ross Palmer

These three dedicated artists were picked from dozens of applicants from around the United States.  Courageous artists submit a written application with art images and essays to a jury panel, and then, as a Finalist, they present themselves for “speed dating” interviews at Palmer’s Gallery.  If the Finalist is not from Houston, they appear via FaceTime or Skype.  Scoring well in the Interview Phase was critical to advancing as 5 Finalists were interviewed with only 3 applicants earning the 2016 Escapist Artist honor.  Panels for scoring are comprised of top Palmer patrons, including: FCC Members J.P. Anderson, Alfredo Tijerina and Julio Montano, Vallone Award Winners Jennifer Black & Morgan Steen and Palmer collector and Alief ISD Trustee Tiffany Thomas.  Read all about the history, mission and goals of this empowering program plus see first-class documentary videos by visiting

Tiffany Inteviews Alonzo

Alief ISD Trustee Tiffany Thomas interviews Alonzo Karahamuheto in the Chrysalis

“I cannot believe this is the 8th year of the program!” exclaims Palmer.  “When I initially wanted to help artists share in success, we met over coffee and took notes in paper journals.  I had no idea the idea would blossom into now having a state-of-the-art artist training ground with the Chrysalis…and fascinating artist applicants from around the globe.”  The 2016 Escapists had their first group meeting on Sunday, January 17th and are already working on their first “assignment” to create a new piece of art and document the process on social media before their initiation ceremony.  The 2016 Escapist Artist Initiation Ceremony will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 31st at Palmer’s Historic Heights Art Gallery (1218 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77008).  The event is open to the public and will feature an inspiring keynote speaker before the artists take the Pledge of the Escapist.

2016 Escapists in their New Artist Studios

The 2016 Escapist Artists have selected their Chrysalis Studios

Palmer’s Art Movement of Escapism is aimed at forever destroy the stereotype of the struggling artist.  His mentorship program, founded in 2009, aims to teach artists how to sell on their own and not be tied to the traditional art gallery system.  Palmer does this as a means of giving back to the art world–it is entirely free.

If you have any questions about Artist John Ross Palmer or his Escapist Mentorship Program (, please contact gallery co-owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or

John Ross Palmer to unveil Ocean Isle Memories at Museum of Coastal Carolina

On Friday, April 29th, internationally acclaimed artist John Ross Palmer will unveil a dynamic art series, Ocean Isle Memories, at the Museum of Coastal Carolina in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.  Palmer, a native of Houston, Texas, has been traveling to Ocean Isle every summer for the last ten years to vacation with his husband’s extended family.  The series is inspired by their gatherings, fun time on the beach and iconic imagery from this beautiful family beach destination.

Pier Fishing

“Pier Fishing” by John Ross Palmer

In the summer of 2013, Palmer, the Founder of the Art Movement of Escapism, visited the Museum of Coastal Carolina and was enthusiastic to learn about the museum’s mission and operations.  He presented the staff with a painting, More than a Museum, that now hangs in the museum’s entry.  Although the primary purpose of the museum is education related to maritime life on the coast of North Carolina plus astronomy through its planetarium, Palmer, in typical entrepreneur fashion, lobbied for an unveiling of his original artwork.  Two summers later, Ocean Isle Memories by John Ross Palmer will run from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend with an initial unveiling coinciding with the museum’s annual Wine Fest fundraiser.


“Lolly” by John Ross Palmer

Ocean Isle Memories will feature between fifteen and twenty original Palmer paintings created with acrylic on canvas.  The smaller paintings show the time-honored pier, playing in a tide pool, a storm rolling in from the Intracoastal Waterway, walking to the beach with supplies in a wagon and many more classic Ocean Isle visuals. Palmer is thrilled with the opportunity.  “Ocean Isle is one of my favorite places on earth.  I work constantly, and, it is my only ‘true’ vacation each year.  It’s a tremendous honor and pleasure to honor Ocean Isle with my artwork.”

Red Wagon

“Red Wagon” by John Ross Palmer

If you have any questions about Artist John Ross Palmer or his unveiling at the Museum of Coastal Carolina, please contact gallery co-owner Ryan Lindsay ( at 713-861-6726 or Museum Executive Director Terry Bryant at 910-579-1016.  Sales from all of Palmer’s paintings and prints from the Ocean Isle Memories art series will have a dedicated percentage that is donated to the Museum of Coastal Carolina.

John Ross Palmer to Havana, Cuba for 2016 Art Series

At an intimate cocktail party of Palmer’s First Class Club at his Historic Houston Heights Art Gallery on Thursday, January 14th, Palmer announced the location where he will create his next prized and popular international art series: Havana, Cuba.  Palmer is planning a well-rounded trip to explore all aspects of Cuba: art, architecture, natural landscapes, music, government relations, classic cars and baseball.

Front-Geshe Denma Gyaltsen, CM Amanda Edwards, Alfredo Tijerina Back-April Ayers, Karen Bean, Carolyn Watts, Richard Jennings, Dr. Lynn Dickens and Julio Montano

Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards with Palmer’s First Class Club

This year’s theme for the series is based on art and politics.  First Class Club (“F.C.C.”) Members were asked to submit an essay to Palmer with this prompt: describe how politics influences art, and, describe how art influences politics.  Palmer selected recently-elected Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards to decide the winning essay this year.  CM Edwards joined the FCC at Palmer’s gallery to announce her decision and read the winning essay.  Edwards selected the essay written by inaugural FCC Member Judy Lindsay as “the best.” Lindsay’s essay highlighted the masterful effect that art had upon naming the Grand Canyon as a protected land by the federal government.  Ryan Lindsay, Palmer’s husband and business partner, researched destinations worldwide before landing on Havana, Cuba.  With the United States’ recent relaxation of restrictions on travel to Cuba, this location was ideal.  Palmer wants to see Cuba while it still remains largely unaffected by mass tourism and commercialism.  Palmer hopes to serve as proud ambassador of his hometown of Houston, Texas while staying in Havana and it is a goal to present a piece of his artwork to a notable individual.  Last year in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Palmer presented his Statue of Liberty painting to sitting Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

John Ross Palmer presents artwork to PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Palmer presents artwork to Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Since the creation of the F.C.C. in 2010, Palmer has amazed the group with unique series from Berlin (2010), Dublin (2011), Jerusalem (2012), Sao Paulo (2013), Nice (2014) and Port of Spain (2015).  Previews for the F.C.C. at Palmer’s gallery will begin on Monday, July 18th.  A VIP unveiling for Palmer’s collectors will take place on Friday evening on July 29th with a public unveiling scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, July 31st.

If you have any questions about Artist John Ross Palmer, his First Class Club or trip to Cuba, please contact gallery co-owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or

John Palmer Art names Houston Habitat for Humanity as 2016 Charity of the Year

John Palmer Art has named Houston Habitat for Humanity as its 2016 Charity of the Year.  After a tremendous amount of research and meetings with non-profit staff and volunteers, John Palmer Art is incredibly excited to support this 501(c)(3) organization for the entire calendar year through the raising of funds, increasing awareness and hosting special events.  To date, more than 995 Houston Habitat homes have been built housing over 3980 people, from infants to the elderly.  Houston Habitat builds affordable energy-efficient homes and through its neighborhood revitalization initiatives, repairs existing older homes for low income families.  Just as Palmer empowers artists through his Escapist Mentorship Program, HHFH empowers families through construction and provision of safe and sustainable homes.  You can learn about Houston Habitat for Humanity by visiting

Kate Plouvier, Allison Hay, John Ross Palmer & Angela Birch Cox

Kate Plouvier, Allison Hay, John Ross Palmer & Angela Birch Cox

Artist John Ross Palmer says, “In the Summer of 2015, my husband Ryan and I joined 13 American volunteers to build a Habitat home in Trinidad & Tobago.  The transformative experience was humbling, inspiring and taught me great respect for community improvement.  In late December, I had the pleasure of taking a ‘Habitour’ of Habitat’s on-the-ground work here in Houston.  I was sold…and I wanted to help out.  I absolutely cannot wait to help this non-profit in 2016 and I look forward to creating an art series that will be inspired by their mission.”  Allison Hay, Executive Director of Houston Habitat for Humanity, shares Palmer’s excitement, “We are honored for the partnership. The news comes so early in the year that it becomes a great opportunity to make 2016 an amazing 12 months to help Houstonians become homeowners and improve the lives of each of their family members.”

If you have any questions about John Ross Palmer, his naming of the Houston Habitat for Humanity as his 2016 Charity of the Year or Gallery Events that honor HHFH, please contact Gallery Owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or  Past Charity of the Year selections for John Palmer Art include Outreach United (2011), Heifer International (2012), Writers in the Schools (2013), the League of Women Voters Education Fund (2014) and the Lone Star Veterans Association (2015).

As John Palmer Art’s 2016 Charity of the Year, HHFH will be specifically honored at the following events at the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio: Official Charity of the Year Launch Party on March 5th and The Afternoon & Evening of Escapism on October 15-16.