John Ross Palmer’s Artist Statement

Artist Statement of John Ross Palmer

The Hardest Working Man in the Art Business®

The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and by appointment.  Call 713-861-6726  or Text 281-224-0968 to make a special appointment or request a private meeting with Houston Artist John Ross Palmer.

I was inspired to be an artist after the unexpected death of my father in 1998. In my grief, I used rhythmic brushstrokes on canvas to pour out the pain. After my dad died, I understood how precious and fleeting life can be. In this moment of clarity, I experienced a life re-birth—into that of an artist.

I am an abstract painter that has been told many times, “I never really liked abstract art until I saw yours.” I think my art connects with people on a very primal level. They feel my emotions and connect with me through my use of vibrant colors or intimate imagery I sometimes include of my family ancestors. Along with my strong and confident brushstrokes, I often insert a very simple realistic image: an arrow, a circle, a checkerboard grid or a white cloud. This has the effect of slowly pulling the viewer into the world of the abstract. Art, for me, is a healing process. Just as the healing process is not easy, neither is true appreciation of abstract art. A basic trigger, to help pull the viewer in, aids in this regard.

I call my style of work Escapism. It is created and seeks to assist both me and the collector to leave behind life’s challenges, to enjoy the now and rejoice in the blessings you have. I want the viewer to get lost in my art—just as I do. Escapism is not only my art style, it is also the name given to my life mission of destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist. Through talent and hard work, artists can thrive and achieve financial success. My father, his entire life, struggled. In the aftermath of his death, I made a personal vow. I would never struggle.

Artist John Ross Palmer of Houston, Texas

Artist John Ross Palmer of Houston, Texas

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