John Ross Palmer Announces the 2015 Escapist Artists

Palmer proudly announces the members of the 2015 Escapist Mentorship Program:

Stephanie Gonzalez           Houston, TX
Luke Poteete                       Houston, TX
Scott Tarbox                                   Houston, TX
Michelle Sendy                       (Millikin Escapist Scholar)       Decatur, IL

Escapists Stephanie Gonzalez, Scott Tarbox and Luke Poteete

Escapists Stephanie Gonzalez, Scott Tarbox and Luke Poteete

These four dedicated artists were picked from scores of applicants from around the United States, a great percentage of which were repeat applicants.  Hard-working artists submit a written application with art images, essays and a recommendation to a jury panel, and then, as a Finalist, they present themselves for “speed dating” style interviews at Palmer’s newly-completed Escapist Artist Gallery & Studios (aka “The Chrysalis”).  Panels for scoring are comprised of top Palmer patrons, including: FCC Members Karen Bean and Bobby Paul Davis plus collectors Carolyn Watts and Donna Vallone (2010 Vallone Award Winner).  Read all about the history, mission and goals of this empowering program plus see first-class documentary videos by visiting  Learn about the Chrysalis construction at

“This class is young, innovative and mega-talented!” exclaims Palmer.  “The Houston Escapists will have a working Studio and Gallery spotlight in the state-of-the-art Chrysalis.” The 2015 Escapists will take the Pledge of the Escapist at an exclusive Initiation Ceremony on January 25th at Palmer’s Historic Heights Art Gallery in front of former Escapist Artists and top Palmer Patrons.  As a sign of the times, the artists will receive their first assignment via Instragram during the week prior to their formal initiation.  2015 Escapist Scott Tarbox is exhilarated, “­­­­­­­­­­­I believe I’m being offered a serious opportunity to hone my style, reach deeper into the art community and challenge myself—and hopefully inspire other artists.” Tarbox, from Tomball, is a repeat applicant to Palmer’s prestigious program.  He is the first Escapist Artist that is widely recognized for his work with aerosols and presentation via street art.

Escapist Scott Tarbox creates mural on 19th St. in the Heights

Escapist Scott Tarbox creates mural on 19th St. in the Heights

Palmer’s Art Movement of Escapism is aimed to forever destroy the stereotype of the struggling artist.  His mentorship program, founded in 2009, teaches artists how to sell on their own and not be tied to the traditional art gallery system.  Palmer does this as a means of giving back to the art world–it is entirely free.

If you have any questions about Artist John Ross Palmer or his Escapist Mentorship Program (, please contact gallery co-owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or

Griffin Realty & Associates signs on as John Palmer Art’s Corporate Sponsor for 2015

Griffin Realty is John Palmer Art's 2015 Corporate Sponsor

Griffin Realty is John Palmer Art’s 2015 Corporate Sponsor

Griffin Realty & Associates, a growing real estate company of Houston, Texas, has aligned with Artist John Ross Palmer by becoming his Houston Heights Art Gallery’s Corporate Sponsor for 2015.  The mutually beneficial partnership is the third for Palmer and the first for Griffin Realty.  For Palmer, having his gallery associated with such a promising group of businesspersons adds tremendous credibility to his ever-growing artist career.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be this year’s Corporate Sponsor for John Palmer Art.  I believe John is a brilliant artist with an equally sound mind for business,” says Griffin. “I love his passion and connect with his vitality.  I can see how his collectors are drawn to him and I hope to capitalize and bring that energy towards our partnership.”  Palmer explains, “Amber and I have a common bond in our businesses: the family residence.  She helps people to establish roots by placing them in a warm home–while I provide them with artwork to enhance the beauty and value of these houses. By teaming up, John Palmer Art and Griffin Realty will benefit and flourish together.”  Griffin, a native Houstonian just like Palmer, is emboldened by the artist’s charisma, “Not only will my Houston real estate business be advertised to his art enthusiasts, but, I will also benefit by serving my local community as a tried-and-true patron of a Houston artist that is devoted to forever destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist.”

Griffin Realty & Associates has a mission to provide superior service, knowledge and a world-class experience while advocating for the client’s best interest and every need.  For more information please visit or call 281-352-5222.

If you have any questions about the John Palmer Fine Art Gallery & Studio, Artist John Ross Palmer or the 2015 Corporate Sponsorship by Griffin Realty & Associates, please contact Art Gallery Owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or

Palmer names LSVA as 2015 Charity of the Year

John Palmer Art has named the Lone Star Veterans Association as its 2015 Charity of the Year.  After a tremendous amount of research and meetings with non-profit staff and volunteers, John Palmer Art is incredibly excited to support this 501(c)(3) organization for the entire calendar year through the raising of funds, increasing awareness and hosting special events.  The Lone Star Veterans Association is the largest group of Post 9/11 veterans in the state of Texas.  Their membership is primarily made up of the men and women who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world.   Their efforts focus on veteran career transition, service and camaraderie.  Just as Palmer empowers artists through his Escapist Mentorship Program, the LSVA empowers its veteran members to transition smoothly to civilian life.  You can learn about the LSVA by visiting

John Ross Palmer with LVSA Executive Director Chuck Bagnato

John Ross Palmer with LVSA Executive Director Chuck Bagnato

Artist John Ross Palmer says, “My 2015 painting project focuses on honoring the United States by capturing the beauty of its cities and towns.  It’s a great privilege for my business to support Lone Star this year to help the ladies and gentlemen that served to protect our liberty and freedom.  I hope that my collectors will look forward to my art series inspired by veterans and our military—a new subject matter that I’m incredibly anxious to explore.”  Chuck Bagnato, Executive Director of Lone Star, shares Palmer’s excitement, “They selected an organization with over 6000 members, 2600 of whom served or fought in our country’s longest war.  They will help us support our mission to make Texas the best place for transitioning veterans by getting them ready for the work force, helping them though the challenge of transitioning from combat to a productive and healthy civilian life and providing events and services that will enrich their lives and that of our community.”

As John Palmer Art’s 2015 Charity of the Year, the LSVA will be specifically honored at the following events at the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio: Official Charity of the Year Launch Party in March, The Afternoon & Evening of Escapism in October and an Official Fundraising Party for the LSVA (Date to be Determined).

If you have any questions about John Ross Palmer, his naming of the Lone Star Veterans Association as his 2015 Charity of the Year or Gallery Events that honor the LSVA, please contact Gallery Owner Ryan Lindsay at 713-861-6726 or  Past Charity of the Year selections for John Palmer Art include Outreach United (2011), Heifer International (2012), Writers in the Schools (2013) and the League of Women Voters Education Fund (2014).