Palmer’s “Classic Jockey” silk scarf measures 33″ x 42″. $110. Free shipping. It arrives pressed and folded in a chic box autographed by the artist. Palmer scarves are individually created, cut, stitched and pressed at the John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio in the Houston Heights. Click to acquire.

Welcome to the John Ross Palmer Fine Art Gallery of Houston, Texas

Whether the design is on canvas, metal, wood or paper, Houston Artist John Ross Palmer’s artwork is always a testament to his energy, creativity and passion for life. As Palmer the individual continues to grow, his artwork also maintains a beautiful evolution. From what started as two dimensional abstract paintings on canvas, his depth of art offered in his Houston, Texas Art Gallery now includes original artwork on custom boxes, furniture, ceiling murals, salvage wood, neon, ceramics, jewelry, unique merchandise and gifts. His inspiration for the art comes from his travels abroad to Greece, Austria, Spain, Japan, Argentina, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Brazil, France, Trinidad & TobagoCuba, New Zealand and Colombia as well as his local Houston Heights community’s desire to honor history. Escapism is not only the name of Palmer’s primary art style but also his Art Movement. His Escapism style allows the art enthusiast to ease into the world of the abstract by combining his strong, vibrant brushstrokes with subtle aspects of realism. As the Founder of Escapism and the Escapist Mentorship Program, Palmer seeks to elevate all artists by teaching them that through hard work and ingenuity the stereotype of the struggling artist can be forever destroyed. Palmer is not only a successful Houston businessman but also an accomplished author, speaker and philanthropist. For these reasons he has been coined The Hardest Working Man in the Art Business®.  The John Palmer Art Gallery & Studio is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and by appointment.  Call 713-861-6726, e-mail Ryan@JohnPalmerArt.com or text Ryan Lindsay at 281-224-0968 to set a special Houston gallery appointment or private meeting with Houston Artist and Gallery Owner John Ross Palmer.

Appreciating Art

John Ross Palmer presents his original “Statue of Liberty” to sitting Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar. June 2015.

Now in his twentieth year as a full-time professional artist, Houston’s John Ross Palmer has learned that an appreciation of art goes hand-in-hand with an appreciation of life. John strives for the best by working to improve himself and his outlook on the world through meditation, exercise, healthy living, friendship, community outreach and travel. He has the wisdom to also surround himself with the best through alliances in the worlds of business, nonprofit, media and design.  While Palmer loves traveling abroad to learn the art styles and skills of other artists’ craft, he takes no more pleasure than returning home to share his new art inspiration with friends, family and cherished art collectors at his esteemed Houston Art Gallery & Studio. For John Ross Palmer, “Art is Healing.” By reading about John’s life, you will learn that art for him is not a may but a must. Creating art is therapy for John Ross Palmer. John knows that art can inspire, art can relieve and art can take both the artist and collector to a heightened awareness of their life. If you are a collector of John Ross Palmer’s art, you know that your art is much more than an arrangement of canvas, wood, acrylic and oil. You own a piece of John Ross Palmer: his life, learning, success and future.


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